Bohan Phoenix — Bridging the Gap Between East and West, Hip-Hop in China

"Chinese hip-hop in the past six months has changed from an underground hobby to a globally recognized phenomenon. In two to five years, this could be the biggest rap scene in the world."

The Road Less Traveled — Finding Family with Cheuk-Yin

As the modern world continues to race toward the future, we can find ourselves constantly groping for radical or material ways to find our identities in it. But while we might be obsessed with going forward and discovering the new, we sometimes forget to look back and to the old—to our own pasts.

Ballers for Hire — China's Underground Basketball Scene

When you hear the term “pro athlete,” it’s understandable you’d think almost exclusively of the superstars on TV playing before sold-out audiences in the major leagues. But what if the athletes were getting paid to play for different teams by-the-match and in venues that swing between urban gymnasiums and rainy asphalt courts in the boonies?

The Road Less Traveled — Into the Chinese Countryside
with Elphick and Yin

In this lighthearted first half of the story, Elphick and Yin look back on their long five-day journey through China’s Yunnan and Guizhou provinces. Due to the tight schedule, Elphick would go for the first few days with Yin joining in after.